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Dayton karate kids lessons

If you have been wondering how to make a karate kid out of your child, then wonder no more as we teach and train Dayton martial arts at our school. With 37 years of experience in training Dayton Karate lessons, your kids will be in good hands since teaching children are our specialty.

How to Transform Your Child into a Dayton Karate Kid

100 6610 300x225 Award Winning Childrens KarateMaking your child learn karate lessons can in fact be both advantageous and fun on their part. Aside from making them know how to defend themselves, it also trains them discipline and a true sense of pride. Why? This is because aside from obvious benefits of Dayton martial arts such as listening skills and a sense of focus, they are in the process improving their own self confidence. And of course, a gift of confidence to your child is extremely important; it can be the best gift you can give to your child aside from education.

As a parent, you want to sign up your kids in a class that will not just make them learn new positive things, but you want to ensure that they also enjoy the experience as well. And in our Dayton Karate kids lessons, we want to make sure of this also because we have expert and experienced instructors who are willing to make it their personal responsibility to bring out the best for their students.

You want your child to be challenged, but not overwhelmed. At the same time, you want your child to be respected and DSC 3925 225x300 Award Winning Childrens Karatesupported. Thus, a place to guide your child in a positive way is a good thing. And you can start with a competent and bonafide Karate school which has been around in the industry—and here at our school, we teach Dayton martial arts, plus we have structured Karate program for your kids. As for the trainers, we got the master instructors that love and know how to motivate karate kids effectively; they know how to support and encourage students proactively to help them reach for their goals—and enjoy it in the process. With just as numerous years of professional training experience, enhancing children’s self esteem and confidence is one of the major factor training in the karate and martial arts lessons.

After you have already tapered down your options, it’s time to now set your goals. You can speak to the instructors you’re seriously considering, and whoever seems to best meet your requirements as well as your budget would be your prime candidate. But at times, it’s not just about the price, but the award-winning service of the staff and instructors that matters most.

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Getting an individual attention for your karate kids lessons is essential. This is the startup phase of growing their confidence in the one-on-one arrangement prior to joining the group. You’ll be on your way to having the perfect Dayton children karate lessons chosen for your child giving a gift of confidence. Investing in a gift of confidence for your karate kid is a lifelong treasure they will appreciateTama Martial Arts Center offers children classes from 4 to 6 years of age, Children 7 to Teens.

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What People Say About Us


“I’m glad I let my son enroll in their Kids Karate program. I can see his gradual but tremendous improvement which translates to his giving more decent grades than before he signed up for the program. It helped not just his physical skills, but also improved on his intellectual ability”
~Mr. TJ. Hickinson

“I knew I made the right choice in letting my son, Kevin join Karate Kids lessons. He’s more confident now and he’s telling me stories that he’s not being bullied in school anymore! Now that’s a great news any parent wants to hear”
~Mrs. Gina Laruso

“My daughter really enjoys the program! Nica always tells me stories when she gets home how she loves every moment of it and aside from the new skills she learns, Nica shares how she made new friends from the martial arts program.”
~Tina Lawson

“I certainly recommend this program to parents like me especially if they have kids who are shy and needs some personality development. Not only did my son learn some cool martial arts moves, but he also became more confident when he get to make friends with his fellow students.”
~Perry O. Lee

“Yes I support this program for my child all throughout because I have seem massive improvement in his behavior—he’s now more courteous, respectful, and best of all, he’s more hardworking and even helped around in the house after he’s done with his homework.”
~Mrs. LC Kenyon

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